Szechenyi 2020

Szechenyi 2020

The development can be utilized directly to the community, as it allows for crop production under conditions where it is only possible to solve the unimaginable or extremely difficult and high risks. It contributes to the provision of adequate food quality, not by accident reducing the negative effects of the crop and related logistics on the environment.
As a result of the project, a product that can be parameterized along a special and demanding demand will be developed well and widely.
In any case, the project is novelty in relation to the current situation with its species-specific, energy-efficient approach, which aims not only to promote the profitability of closed crop crops but also to reduce their negative impact on the environment.
Our goal is to explore the fundamentals of the technology and to lay down the basics of the project, and to create a marketable and easy to use product (family). We strive to approach the subject of our research from as many pages as possible and to perform complexity, since we have all the knowledge we need from our recognized physics through the electric engineer and the lighting technician. The significance and future of the project is indisputable, its profitability is obvious when comparing supply and demand pages, the society of our age is cutting the boundaries of Earth’s performance, so the development of innovative solutions for sustainability is becoming more and more urgent. This growing need and a more and more conscious decision is the essence of such and such innovations as environmental and economic considerations.

– name of the beneficiary: HUNGARO LUX LIGHT Kft.

– title of the project: “Implementing a Closed Plant Crop with an Artificial Colored LED Planting Fixture”

– amount of contracted subsidy: HUF 178,683,840

– support rate (in%): 69.95%

– completion date of the project: 2018.12.31.

– project identification number: KFI_16-1-2016-0041