PearlLight+ Projekt

Figure 1. - Reflection ratio of light from a plastic surface
Figure 2. - Reflection ratio of light from a plastic surface covered with AR coating

In an intense competition became among the winners the Hungarian LED technology developing company, Hungaro Lux Light Ltd., which earned 1,7 million Euro resource from the European Union. The innovation of the more than 20 years experienced Hungaro Lux Light Ltd. got direct source from Brussels, altough the programme had more than 16 times oversubscribe.

The reason behind is the importance of Hungaro Lux Light project: we are working on the radical effectiveness increase of outdoor lighting. Hungaro Lux Light domestic research partners, Centre for Energy Research Institute of Technical Physics and Material Science, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, and Ateknea Solutions together are developing an optical solution, which reduce outdoor lampshades’ optical losses with about 50%, and with 15% of energy consumption.

This project helps us to reach sustainable development globally, and reduce sensibly our energy consumption.

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