Hungaro Lux Light Lead the Future

Why to choose us?

Our developments

Hungaro Lux Light has chosen a different way of innovation compared to its competitors: multinational competitors tried to use as many old parts as it can be in their newly developed products. Our company has no limitation in choosing the best parts to our products. This freedom of choice is a significant differentiating point, as in LED technology there is nothing common to the classical lighting products- except for its main purpose, the lighting.

As long as multinational brands waited, if the LED technology will mean the future in street lighting or not, Hungaro Lux Light with its unconventional way of thinking without limits overtook its competitors on fields like pavement LED lighting technology.

Our newest project is the development of our street lighting family, with a brand new member, called PearlLight+. About 60% of the electricity costs for a municipality is street lighting. If we can spare energy in this field, it means a great success from environmental and from financial aspect as well. In the frame of the development project, which is supported by European Union financially, we development optical solutions: these PearlLight lamps can reach 50-60% of saving, 15-20% effectivity growth, which means altogether 80% of saving on the same level of effectivity.

Our partners

We are working together from the beginning with some stable and experienced partner like Department of Electronic Devices of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the optics laboratory of the Pannon University. Thanks to their creativity and endurance we developed a high tech and competitive product range, which is able to fulfil all kind of outdoor lighting need. That’ why HungaroLux products can be found from Ukraine to Germany, and there is a stable enquiry around our product in the Middle East as well, where the resistance of the extreme weather circumstances is the main factor of choice- and the biggest advantageous factor of HungaroLux product.

About us

Hungaro Lux Light Ltd. is one of the most innovate outdoor lighting company of Europe with more than 20 years of experience and continuous development. Our success in cooperation with our worldwide acknowledged research partners, the Department of Electronic Devices of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the optics laboratory of the Pannon University have been acknowledged by the European Union: we got almost 2 million EUR subsidization for LED street lamp technology development project. These results owing to a fortunate business encounter of Hungaro Lux Light founders:

  • Zsolt Nagy
  • co-founder and owner
He devoted his professional career to exploring opportunities in LED technology and its maximized effectiveness: he prepared the first space theater with LED technology which got international fame as well: visual technicians from all over the world came to the theatre to examine and learn its technology – solutions
  • András Szalai
  • co-founder and owner
As a technical specialist and strategist he is able to fully complete the visions of his partner: he supervises the ompany’s projects, even we speaks about production technology or taylor made customer needs, and he is the one, who controls customer contacts

The whole range of product portfolio incorporate with the founders philosophy: produce reliable, high-tech products with low maintenance need, without compromise on affordable price.